BOTH of the Mavens are so busy, and there is allot happening right now so blog posts have gone to the back burner.  Alison is in Real Estate and with this market, she is one busy Maven!  I am working on a new Raving Mavens booth at the Antique Company Mall, which I just started this month and am learning something new every day.  Things are moving fast for both of us!  We are also finishing up our new blog location and will be finalizing that in the next few weeks, so….suffice it to say…keep watching this space in June as we will get back on track for posting a few times a week.  Regular posts will be about antiques and rusty goods, places to find said fabulousness, starting an antique booth from scratch, a sprinkling of the real estate biz from a seasoned agent, and even some fabulous real estate to drool over!  And check us out on our social media as we will post there daily.

Thanks for visiting!  See you back here real soon!

estate sale desk etc

Rolling MCM Table Complete Collage


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