BOTH of the Mavens are so busy, and there is allot happening right now so blog posts have gone to the back burner.  Alison is in Real Estate and with this market, she is one busy Maven!  I am working on a new Raving Mavens booth at the Antique Company Mall, which I just started this month and am learning something new every day.  Things are moving fast for both of us!  We are also finishing up our new blog location and will be finalizing that in the next few weeks, so….suffice it to say…keep watching this space in June as we will get back on track for posting a few times a week.  Regular posts will be about antiques and rusty goods, places to find said fabulousness, starting an antique booth from scratch, a sprinkling of the real estate biz from a seasoned agent, and even some fabulous real estate to drool over!  And check us out on our social media as we will post there daily.

Thanks for visiting!  See you back here real soon!

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Rolling MCM Table Complete Collage


Monthly McKinney


Who knew starting a blog would be so easy and yet so hard!  So many decisions and my brain is fried!  We will kick off our blog with some pretty things that were spotted in McKinney last weekend.  We go at least once a month for the Old Red Lumber Yard Junk Market, and always spot something great!

This little vignette was at the entrance of the Antique Company Mall and I really wanted to take the entire thing home.  I could have pulled up a chair and moved in.  I need to get the card of the vendor and give them some credit, because every time I go in the booth is just perfect. (She is booth#498 and is the first thing you see when you walk in the door!)




I spotted a HUGE antique bread bowl that was so pretty and I started imagining making a coffee table out of it.  I’m not at all sure how I would go about doing that, but there has got to be a way!  I know it would have ended up propped in a corner of my house or on my “project pile”, so better to leave it for someone else.




20160116_172515445_iOSThe Old Red Lumber Yard is the main reason I schlep out to McKinney once a month, and this month I about lost my mind over this 1940’s aviation globe.  It was AMAZING!  I collect globes and have never seen anything like it up close and personal.  I have found them on the vintage globe sites for over $1000.  This one was at the Toy Man’s shop, and he always has something great!



And last but not least, I checked out the Samaritan Inn’s resale store for the first time, and it was not a disappointment.  It’s a typical charity resale shop, very well run and clean with lots of books and various clothing and housewares.  As I was walking around I really was surprised to see this table and chairs there.  It wasn’t the typical resale store merchandise, which made me want to buy it even though it went with nothing in my house.  I will have to add this place to my monthly check-in!


What is your favorite McKinney antique hot spot?  Maybe we will stop in and check it out next month!  Thanks for reading! See you next time!!