Monthly McKinney

The monthly trip to McKinney was extra fabulous in February.  I don’t know why, but there were SO MANY vendors at ORLY this month and it was totally worth the trip.


There was lots of rust, great furniture pieces, and windmill fan blades….like ALOT of windmill fan blades.


And I actually bought something…..dun dun dun….I am famous amongst my friends for going fabulous places and seeing a million fabulous things but not buying a damn thing.  I am trying to prepare myself for Round Top this year, since last year I went with a pocket full of cash and couldn’t bring myself to spend it!  So I broke the seal early this month at ORLY and the Antique Co Mall….

That mirror… is HUGE, and beautiful, and was only $55 at ORLY.  It was a super bargain I could NOT pass up!   The husband and wife vendor were very cute and I am looking forward to visiting their booth again. They are a little shabby chic, with a heavy emphasis on the chic.  The lamp, I have to tell you, I actually saw last month and didn’t buy it. Shock.  But I  was kicking myself, and when I saw it this time at The Antique Company Mall, I had to get it.  The mirror went up right away and I love it.  The lamp needs some TLC and a shade makeover, and will be the subject of a future blog post.

The Antique Company Mall is actually having a bit of a makeover.  If you have ever been there, you no doubt will have noticed that you can come out with a bruised pocket book as well as a bruised forehead if you venture upstairs.  Well, they are redoing the upstairs and raisin the roof!  Woop woop!  No more goose eggs and cricked necks from walking around up there.  I am very excited for the transformation.

The vendors this month also brought their A game, and there were several that caught my eye.  But the winner by far was Mish Mash, which looked like a page out of a magazine this month and I could die for the mix of wood and green elements.  So fresh and fab!


Too much to see this month and not enough time to see it.  Only one month to go until the ultimate antique week in Round Top.  Can’t wait!


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